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Buying Handcrafted Art is good for local environment

Handcrafted Art does not require great effort, huge machines, large-area halls and noisy manufacturing. Handcrafted art start his journey at home, in small studios or in the garage. The handicraft comes from your neighborhood, so it doesn't require complicated logistics. The handicraft comes from mind, from heart each piece is unique and the artist's hands are unique and inimitable. When you decide to buy art from an artist, you ensure originality. Handicraft directly also the local economy, not only in the artist's the family also support business nearby. By purchasing Modern City Art Fusion Glass, you support handcrafted industry and provide yourself with a unique gift in the form of local art. By buying handcrafted art, it gives the artist...

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This Gorgeous Loft Reno Makes Magic From Everyday Raw Materials

  Relying on raw, inexpensive materials can certainly help you stick to budget during a renovation, but it takes real artistry on the designer's end to make sure that plywood cabinets don't look (or act) cheap. Ivi Diamantopoulou and Jaffer Kolb, the duo behind the design firm New Affiliates, actually prefer using "rough materials" in their work and relied on them heavily when renovating a Brooklyn loft (part of a former chocolate factory!) into a space worthy of its fashion designer owner. Plywood—quite a lot of it—came into play, as did metal mesh ("the stuff you find in Jersey City that people make giant grills out of," says Kolb) and exposed copper pipes. While the project was relatively low-budget as...

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Modern City Art present Glass Wall Pictures collection

Here it is, our latest greatest glass wall picture collection. Each one is unique as we have added real 23 3/4 gold element to the everyone glass wall picture. Our work will change your home interior, every piece is handcrafted.  click here to watch YouTube video:  Here is link for online shop:

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