standing angel gold 23 3/4 carat 40 cm

standing angel gold 23 3/4 carat 40 cm

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Standing angel statue 20x17.5 cm made from glass, handcrafted fused glass ornaments

color: white & white  or white & grey 

size: 41cm x 13cm, 20" x 5"
product code: ASZ.40

Hand crafted glass available from Modern City Art

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The world of glass is full of contradictions. An artist has to have something of a child in him overcome them and create magnificent works. Paradoxically, what has to go together in glass works must also have an element of joy.

Creating glass works is a great challenge for an artist of requires the knowledge of material, experience, patience and resistance to failures and that is because working with glass is not only an occupation, it is love and the passion of life. Glass can surprise and astonish us.

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